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So I've had this question on my mind and I need your help answering it.
How many quarters do we have in a year?

Chijioke Kelvin Wiche There are four(4) quarters in a year. Use your clock for example. 1-3 that's a quarter, 4-6 another quarter, 7-9 another one, and 10-12 the final one. Same in months, Jan-March first quarter, April-June second quarter, July-Sept third quarter, Oct-Dec Fourth quarter.
Hope I answered your question?
1 year ago
Israel Ndukwe Interesting! This is one of the most simplest answers I've gotten to this question. 1 year ago

What do you guys think about MMM? Will someone who's into it please explain to me where the extra 30% comes from?
I'm just curious to know.


Don't ASSUME you know about MMM because it is DIFFERENT from ALL other Networking you have heard about.

MMM registers participants for FREE.

MMM offers participants 30% interest on deposits (help provided).

MMM offers Stater BONUS ranging from $20 - $50 - $100.

MMM does not mandate participants to register downlines.

MMM will compensate you when you willingly refer new participants.

Your Money is SAFE within MMM community as MMM doesn't run a central account.

If MMM Nigeria didn't crash over several months (with hundred of thousands of testimonies) then STOP thinking it'll crash when you join!

Poor People spend their Money!
Average people save their Money!!
But, the RICH people, INVEST / GROW their Money!!!

MMM is an online social community for getting HELP after you have provided HELP.
It's in over 107 countries in the world and have over 200milllion participants.
My brother, so far MMM works, its no joke, I know people making cool cash...
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1 year ago
Israel Ndukwe Where does the 30% come from? 1 year ago
Israel Ndukwe commented on Pastor David Ogbueli's video 1 year ago

Clear signs we are at the end times.

Nickelodeon "makes history" with its first "Gay...

Nickelodeon, the American cable and satellite TV network aimed at kids and teens, has introduced its first animated “gay married” couple. Debuting...

Israel Ndukwe commented on Pastor David Ogbueli's video 1 year ago

This message is still as relevant as it was years back. I hope people use this as a road map in selecting the next set of leaders.

How to Choose Political Leaders - Dr David Ogbueli

Nobody knows the criteria for selecting political leaders more than the one that created the nations. So in choosing political leaders, we must...

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This is Real Proof We are in the End Times! 2016...

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As much as this sounds funny, it is not and we as Christians have got to learn to mean what we say.

Church Worship Gone Wrong

Produced by First Orlando Worship team, this is a hilarious illustration of how some of us worship. Sometimes when we worship, we don't really mean...

Be careful what you call your children as they might just end up acting as what you call them.
Humans give birth to children; but goats give birth...
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In all thy learning, learn a skill; the economy has shifted.

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Creflo Dollar Talks About Dating

Creflo Dollar talks about the importance of asking question in a funny yet truthful way. Asking questions reduces the risk of unwelcomed surprises.

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You Have Won The Victory/The Anthem - Full...

Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Ministry of Worship - The Anthem/You Have Won The Victory - Lyrics from their 2013 album - One...


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