How To Submit Your Presentation For The South East Camp...

Israel N. Unya Discussion started by Israel N. Unya 12 months ago
If you intend to perform at the South East Camp Meeting 2018 Variety Night that will hold on Sunday, 1st April, read through this post to get the details on how to send in your presentation to be shortlisted for auditioning.

To get started;

1. Create a 1 minute video of what you intend presenting at the variety night.

2. Register your account on

3. Once logged into your account, join the Dominion City Angels group here -

4. Upload your video in the Dominion City Angels group using the Upload Video option sub-option that shows up when you click on the Video icon.

5. The Judges will go through your song and if you are shortlisted, you will be contacted via your inbox on MyDominionCity. So check in periodically to know if you have been shortlisted.

The 4 Main categories for presentations are:

1. Solo music

2. Group music

3. Comedy and

4. Spoken words

Please Note: You don't need to solicit for Likes to be shortlisted; you will be chosen based on merit.

We will stop receiving submissions by Sunday, 25th March, 2018.
Ugochukwu okwudili henry
Ugochukwu okwudili henry I have tried uploading my video but it keeps saying video file format not supported, plz what's the video formats that's accepted here 12 months ago
Israel N. Unya
Israel N. Unya Ugochukwu okwudili henry, the videos are to be in mp4 format. Secondly, make sure the video should not be more than 32mb in size.

You also have the option to upload the video on YouTube and then pull it in from there.
Try these and let me know how it goes.
12 months ago